churchville hallChurchville Community Hall

  • Contact Bob or Sylvia Hawboldt at 755-6379
  • The Churchville Hall was origanilly used as a Church (hence the name Churchville).
  • The land was donated to the village by the Robertson family to make a build a church/community hall, but the land is still owned by the Robertson family.
  • The hall is still used for community events, meetings, family get-togethers. It has a yearly Craft Sale every fall and if the village wants a craft sale, take out supper etc. it is used for that purpose.
  • The hall can be rented out to just about anyone who wants to use it for the A/M purposes. The cost of rental is quite cheap. If anyone is interested in renting the hall call Sylvia at 755-6379 and she will be able to tell you if the hall is available on the date that you want.
  • The hall was built in 1889.